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Why Our Structures Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Campaign

Published on 11/04/2014

Inflatable structures can make a huge difference to any business’ marketing campaign, especially those centred around creativity and uniqueness. Here are some of the reasons why your company should make the use of inflatable structures part of its marketing strategy.

Firstly, inflatable structures can be installed anywhere – they are convenient, quick to assemble and easy to transport to your campaign location. Whether you are planning an event in a park, in town or inside a venue, there is an inflatable structure to fit the occasion. And at the end of the day the structure can be taken down easily and quickly and stored for future events. If you haven’t got room to store your purchase, Baconinflate also offers a secure storage facility. Many structures are also equipped with lighting, meaning they can be used day or night and no part of your campaign is left in the dark.

These inflatable structures come in a range of shapes and sizes which means they can be used pretty much anywhere to create tunnels, booths and galleries. The temporary structures are customisable, which allows brands to order the inflatable with the company logo or in the colours of the brand, making it stand out from the crowd and get it noticed.

Last but not least, inflatable structures are affordable. They are reasonable in price and can be used on a number of occasions. Add to that the fact they can be assembled easily, saving time and money, it’s clear to see why they are becoming so popular. Inflatables are a great way for brands to create an unforgettable marketing event.

Baconinflate’s structures provide the perfect solution for every occasion and can be customised to your business’ needs. For further information please contact your nearest global partner or UK HQ.