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NEW White Paper

Published on 04/08/2011

The Events Industry has been a major contributor to the increase in demand for Temporary Inflatable Structures. Companies using events as part of their marketing strategy now have such structures at their disposal. Gary Bennett, Managing Director at Baconinflate explains. 

‘In light of recent events for concern and the ever increasing popularity of Inflatable Temporary Structures within the events industry Baconinflate (drawing from its wealth of experience) have produced a white paper in support of the safe design, procurement and use of inflatable temporary structures within events. The white paper is designed in support of existing guidance for Temporary Structures provided by MUTA, InstructE & The Event Safety Guide.

The inflatable temporary structure white paper outlines and draws attention to the key areas needing to be discussed and documented throughout the procurement process from the initial brief and concept through to the engineering, manufacture and activation.

Creativity and innovation are the ingredients for success in winning business in this market. Hopefully, the information detailed within this document will bring about a successful marriage of innovative design with safety and good operational practice.

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