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Top Trends In Fabric & Inflatable Structures

Published on 20/03/2014

Fabric and inflatable structures come in various sizes and forms. They can be used for shelter at weather-beaten locations, such as beaches or mountains, as well as for meeting rooms and exhibition stands in large halls or conference buildings.

Modern structures can come in a variety of colours; the wide-choice available makes them very popular during events, as they draw people’s attention to a brand and allow businesses to choose and match the structure’s colours to the brand’s own. Fabric inflatable products can be customised accordingly and can provide additional features such as illumination for night events, creating the perfect atmosphere for people inside. Baconinflate provides LED lighting in its inflatable structures which enhance the space further and tailor it to an individual businesses’ brand colours or logo.

Inflatable products also provide an easy way to set up structures on different terrains – mountains, for example, and other uneven surfaces – and allows people to expand their entertainment area without worrying about the outside weather. Baconinflate’s products are designed to be installed quickly, inflate within minutes and are very simple to operate.
Among the latest trends in the fabric structures industry are movable walls, furniture, windows, lights, air vents and even air conditioning. Most of these features are easily installed and manoeuvred, allowing every brand to create the perfect look for its event.

Whether a large road show or an event venue, Baconinflate’s structures provide the perfect solution for every occasion. Take a look at the EventStation HP which is used in the H20 concept (pictured). This can be used on multiple surfaces including grass, concrete, gravel, sand, water and even ice!

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