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The versatility of an inflatable structure

Published on 28/04/2015

Inflatable structures are probably the most versatile “venues” in the universe. Think about it – parties, music events, product launches and presentations – all can be hosted in the futuristic, fresh and innovative Baconinflate structures. These are only a few of the most popular functions, read on to discover more!

That’s the beauty of choosing inflatable structures over physical venues, because once you’ve decided the function of the structure, you can let your imagination run wild – we’ll do our best to realise it at our Structure Labs.

They fulfil their primary advantage as they undoubtedly draw attention to you with their extraordinary, standout aesthetic; whatever your event, you can be sure that it will be remembered by the attendees.

See it yourself – the inflatable structure that we provided to Vapestick proved useful as not only was it attractive but it could be placed on multiple terrains and withstood the ever changing UK weather. Check out the youtube video we created showing the work we did for Samsung too!

We also received a request from Honda to provide them with a huge inflatable structure which had a full digital mapping and then an enhanced tie patterning to replicate the new diesel engine they were releasing. The function of this was to allow people to get a closer, more detailed look at what it was exactly that Honda was releasing.  It was a gigantic success and even made the papers! Read more about it here.

These are only a few of many examples where clients have experienced great success at their event, and that’s because the inflatable structure achieved its primary function of looking great, standing out and drawing people in. If you want to check out some of our other exciting work, click here.

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