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Specialized at L’Ortolan Day of Excellence

Published on 14/05/2012

The structure was installed at Michelin star restaurant L’Ortolan for the one-day event, bringing together products of excellence to include food, jewellery cars and of course Specialized bikes.

The fully welded inflatable structure ensured both staff and products were kept dry despite the heavy down pours and provided the perfect instant event space within a 2hr build to display Specialized’s range of Road and Mountain bike designs.

The NEW EventStation HP epitomises the new breed of inflatable structure designs is a result of ongoing research and development over the last 12 months by leading manufacturer Baconinflate.

The structure is able to withstand high end wind loads associated with that of metal framework systems with a fraction of components and minimal transport, operational requirements and cost in comparison, making it a sound investment with the life span of 5+ years and life-time manufacturer’s guarantee.

The structure joins the existing 11×13.5m EventStation Plus and can be connected to form a village layout at larger site events.

For further information on the structure and services please contact your nearest dealer or UK HQ.

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