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Reebok MicroHaus®

Published on 30/04/2015

MicroHaus® inflatable pod structure helped an experiential campaign to promote Reebok’s new Z-Pump Fusion trainer c/o Because.

The MicroHaus® inflatable structure was created using a black fabric to reflect the Z-Pump Fusion branding and featured a full digital print external canopy and print branding board. The fan used was cased and silenced a key feature of any Baconinflate design ensuring the nature of constant air flow was discreet and any noise kept to a minimum.

The branding artwork was wrapped around the curved surface by the Baconinflate Studio to ensure a 360 degree visuals impact. More prominent logos were overlaid to ensure no area of distortion.

Inside the inflatable pod iPads were used to scan customer’s feet in 3D to educate them on their foot shape and how the new Zpump fusion trainer can support them, creating a fantastic brand experience.

The dome, which is suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, is being used as part of an experiential tour visiting various locations around the UK, including Reebok’s flagship store in Covent Garden, The Oracle Shopping Centre in Reading and outside Reebok’s new Richmond “FitHub”.

The MicroHaus® is available to hire in standard white on a weekly basis, or purchased with colours options and bespoke branding possibilities.

For further information on the MicroHaus and other creative temporary structures please visit Products or contact your nearest Global Partner or UK HQ.

Baconinflate - Reebok MicroHaus Inflatable Structure 02

Baconinflate - Reebok MicroHaus Inflatable Structure 01