Indoor Inflatable Meeting Room : m:Pod

Indoor Inflatable Meeting Room : m:Pod

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An inflatable meeting room large enough to fit a meeting table


The m:Pod came to fruition after we decided that the e:Pod would be perfect as a meeting room, if only it was a touch larger…

Fabricated from an incredibly lightweight nylon-based substrate, m:Pod fuses elegant design with simple practicality. It is large enough to fit a meeting table, so that you can host your guests or colleagues in stunning surroundings. Wall-lighting can also be specified as one of our standard options, adding a coloured glow to the whole structure and allowing you to differentiate between m:Pods, or just stand out from the crowd.

m:Pod is also available with a unique removable door to add some seclusion and privacy to your meeting.

How big is it?


How do I brand it?

Full Digital Print Canopy

What can I add to it?

Lighting Systems
Flooring Systems
Desks and Bespoke Internals
DoNut Table Seating

To hire or to purchase?

  • ‘Dry Hire’ on a minimum weekly basis – collection & return via our central storage facility
  • ‘Hire’ on minimum weekly basis – Activation Team managing the transportation, install and de-rig.
  • ‘Purchase’ Outright including Full Operation & Product Manual.
  • ‘Storage & Maintenance’ contracts available.
  • ‘Annual Hire’ – Based on a minimum 12 month term.

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