Outdoor Inflatable Dome : EventHaus®

Outdoor Inflatable Dome : EventHaus®

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The original outdoor inflatable dome - an instant chill-out environment


The original inflated igloo dome with its unique cellular construction - welcome to EventHaus®

The EventHaus inflatable domes have been a popular temporary structure solution within the Baconinflate range for many years. With a great range of sizes available, the EventHaus event structures provide shelter from the weather whilst creating a fully customisable internal environment.

A solid walled construction allows for a variety of light levels to enhance any internal AV or projection requirement. By adding the unique fully printed canopy, the second skin provides a huge surface area for 360-degree branding.

How big is it?


How do I brand it?

Shark Fins
Detachable Canopy Loop
Full Digital Print Canopy

What can I add to it?

Connection Tunnel
DoNut Table Seating
Desks and Bespoke Internals
Flooring Systems
Multimedia QT Frameworks
Lighting Systems
Ballast System
Shark Fins

To hire or to purchase?

  • ‘Dry Hire’ on a minimum weekly basis – collection & return via our central storage facility
  • ‘Hire’ on minimum weekly basis – Activation Team managing the transportation, install and de-rig.
  • ‘Purchase’ Outright including Full Operation & Product Manual.
  • ‘Storage & Maintenance’ contracts available.
  • ‘Annual Hire’ – Based on a minimum 12 month term.

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