Bespoke Inflatable Structures

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Create your own bespoke inflatable structures for events.

Bespoke Inflatable Structures

Inflatable structures are probably the most versatile “venues” in the universe. Think about it - parties, music events, product launches and presentations. All can be hosted in the futuristic, fresh and innovative Baconinflate structures.

That’s the beauty of choosing inflatable structures over physical venues, because once you’ve decided the function of the structure, you can let your imagination run wild - we’ll do our best to realise it at our Structure Labs.

From your intial inflatable structure concept, to manufacture, to event activation - Baconinflate have all of the services you need under one roof.

Our in-house design team can help with your initial ideas and design, to include visuals, 3D files and structural engineers reports.

The experienced production team will work hard behind the scenes to ensure the structure is manufactured to the highest standards. Our manufacturing process uses large format print, plotting & cutting, high-frequency welding and traditional stitching methods.

Baconinflate offers a complete activation, transport and storage solution - so once your bespoke inflatable is manufactured, our activation team can install it at your events.

Get in touch with your ideas, or have a look at our case studies for some inspiration!

How big is it?

As big...
... or as small as you want

How do I brand it?

Unleash your creativity...
...and bring your brand to life

What can I add to it?

DoNut Table Seating
Desks and Bespoke Internals
Lighting Systems
Flooring Systems

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