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Smart Events: Must-Have Event Technology

Published on 26/08/2015

With extensive experience in the events industry (and an equally extensive product portfolio to match), we at Baconinflate know that often, the only things separating reality from your imagination are your budget and the technology available to support your event.

The size of a structure: how big is big enough?

Published on 26/06/2015

We provide structures in various sizes, ranging from the relatively small Microhaus – only 4.5m in diameter – to the substantial EventVillage where you can have any configuration of multiple structures – all of which are designed to suit whatever...

Deciding on the perfect combo

Published on 08/06/2015

The extensive product portfolio of Baconinflate has a wide variety of different temporary structures – which could be overwhelming when deciding on the best option for your particular event, exhibition or conference.

What will guarantee a successful outcome of your event?

Published on 01/06/2015

Planning in advance and considering all the elements that will make your event a success are staple to guarantee a memorable event. Here are some aspects that have been proven to be overlooked or not given enough thought.

New Inflatable Rugby Ball Structure

Published on 15/05/2015

With less than 5 months until the Rugby World Cup 2015 kicks off, 15 official Fanzones have been announced across the country.

Reebok MicroHaus®

Published on 30/04/2015

MicroHaus® inflatable pod structure helped an experiential campaign to promote Reebok’s new Z-Pump Fusion trainer c/o Because.

The versatility of an inflatable structure

Published on 28/04/2015

Inflatable structures are probably the most versatile “venues” in the universe. Think about it – parties, music events, product launches and presentations – all can be hosted in the futuristic, fresh and innovative Baconinflate structures. These are only a few...

Don’t overlook the safety at the events

Published on 21/04/2015

To ensure a successful outcome of an event, there are many safety considerations that have to take place before an event can be held. All event requirements should be considered and discussed as early as possible, such as where the...