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12m AirDesic for KIA Motors

Published on 03/03/2016

Our 12m AirDesic structure was recently hired to provide the venue for a dealer network training activity for Kia Motors (c/o Fusion), provided by Motiv8 Training, which took place over four days on a large skid pan at Milbrook Proving...

Event Engagement: What Does It Really Mean?

Published on 02/02/2016

Whether you’re an account manager at an agency or an event professional, operating in the events sector means that achieving engagement at events is vital. You need social interaction. You need repeat customers. You need engaging events. However, to effectively...

Need Help Marketing Your Event? Read On…

Published on 21/01/2016

At Baconinflate our reputation for creating show-stopping inflatable structures for events has allowed us to work with a plethora of marketing agencies and brands. Because of this, we have a unique appreciation for what it takes to make an event...

Here Are Our 5 Event Industry Predictions for 2016

Published on 21/01/2016

So 2016 is here. Maybe you’ve expanded, maybe you’ve created awe-inspiring campaigns for clients, maybe you’ve even held breathtaking events. However the past year has treated your business though, we at Baconinflate can’t think of a better time for agencies...

Crowded Event? Here’s Some Crowd Management Advice

Published on 08/01/2016

So, your events are pretty much always fully booked – lucky you! Through our work with various brands, we know that this is virtually always a good thing. However, without proper planning and consideration, full capacity events can quickly transform...

Temporary Structures For Events: How To Play It Safe

Published on 05/01/2016

At Baconinflate, one of the things that sets us apart from the competition is our uncompromising approach to health and safety. In the world of events and temporary structures, we proudly go way beyond compliance.

3 Top Attendee Retention Tactics

Published on 23/11/2015

So, you’ve done everything as per the best marketing practices; you’ve created on-brand, engaging marketing collateral and pushed it out via social media, and you’ve created a robust logistical process to support your event, which was also very successful.

High Impact MicroStation for Jabra

Published on 12/11/2015

The smallest dome in our range; the MicroStation® maximises height and visual impact when you don’t have much space to play with, making it a beautifully effective branded option. Jabra, (c/o In2Events) went with the “branded hire” choice when they...