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Glastonbury Festival: Event Marketing Lessons From The Pros

Published on 14/07/2016

Glastonbury. What once started as a niche free festival to celebrate counter cultures and a hippie way of life, has grown into one of the world’s most popular festivals. This growth has in turn provided an ideal platform for brands...

Must-Know Rules For Awesome Event Email Marketing (Part 3)

Published on 30/06/2016

We’ve already covered how to create the ultimate email sequence and the design and messaging framework for your event email marketing campaigns, ensuring you’re maximising the exposure and acquiring more of the right attendees. But now it’s time for the...

Must-Know Rules For Awesome Event Email Marketing (Part 2)

Published on 24/06/2016

So, welcome to the second installment in our three part series about event email marketing, bringing you expert tips on how to create a flawless campaign to attract and engage your target audience. Just incase you missed it, our first...

Must-Know Rules For Awesome Event Email Marketing (Part 1)

Published on 25/05/2016

If you’ve been following our blogs, or are at all familiar with the Inflatable Temporary Structures we create for brands, you’ll be aware that we know a thing or two about creating spectacular, memorable and engaging events. For our clients...

A Short Guide To Event and Trade Show Etiquette

Published on 06/05/2016

In our previous blog we outlined the top registration and ticketing tips you need to know for repeated success at your events. Now, assuming you’ve also read our blogs on event engagement, the future of the industry, and how to...

Effective Content Marketing For Your Event: What You Need To Know

Published on 21/04/2016

While we specialise in breathtaking inflatable structures, our work in the events industry means we also take a proactive approach to keeping up with marketing trends. After all, when you work with a wide range of brands and marketing agencies,...

Registration and Ticketing Tips For Event Success

Published on 05/04/2016

Let’s talk about events. So far we’ve covered everything you need to know about event engagement, the future of the industry, and how to make event emails more effective. But there’s lots more to cover if you want to make...

Events Are Still Relevant In The Digital Age: Here’s Why

Published on 23/03/2016

If you’ve read our last blog post, you’ll know we’ve already explored the wide world of experiential marketing and, more specifically, the benefits this form of marketing offers in comparison to a digital offer.

Marketing Agencies, Here’s Why Your Clients Need Experiential Marketing

Published on 09/03/2016

Baconinflate is renowned for creating inflatable structures that enable brands to take their events and on-site presence to new heights. We regularly work with marketing agencies to help them deliver outstanding marketing experiences for their clients. We help create experiences...