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Haus Enriched Learning Environment

Published on 13/11/2009

Ben King – Creative Director @ Home comments ‘we used the dome structure for our recent internal campaign Lloyds Banking Group General Insurance, the structure allowed us to create an unusual hub and engaging space for our campaign message to...

Argos Big Play Roadshow

Published on 29/10/2009

The two MicroStations® sporting Full Print Canopies, Multimedia Frameworks and LED Lights are drawing in hordes of excited kids providing the ideal environment to try out the latest toys in time for the Christmas wish lists!

‘Run to the Beat’ – London

Published on 27/09/2009

Baconinflate Operations team activate ‘Run to the Beat’ Race Arches – Baconinflate provide Iris with two bespoke fully printed Sony Ericsson Race Arches to help sponsors motivate the participants during London’s premium Half Marathon. 

Baconinflate awarded ‘Preferred Supplier’ status by the BBC

Published on 21/08/2009

Baconinflate have been awarded a Preferred Supplier status by the BBC and now look forward to supporting up-and-coming ‘Your Game’ events and BBC Radio 5Live live broadcast from Hull as part of a series of live broadcasts in Oct 2009.