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Audi Unveils Q3 Model With Inflatable Camper

Published on 23/06/2014

German car manufacturer Audi has unveiled its new Q3 model that can be hooked up with an inflatable camper. The model was presented at the 2014 Wörthersee festival in Austria held earlier this year, with the tent being designed exclusively...

Honda’s inflatable air engine in the press

Published on 19/06/2014

Honda Air Engine designed and manufactured by Baconinflate features in Honda publication following successful start of dealer campaign c/o KCS. The unique inflatable structure with full digital print mapping and enhanced tie patterning helped replicate the engines features at a...

Monsanto 10m ExoCube

Published on 18/06/2014

The inflatable 10m ExoCube with 5m cube meeting room ensures Monsanto gains maximum visual impact at Cereals 2014.

Google Hive Village

Published on 02/06/2014

The Hive Village consisted of six bespoke hexagon inflatable structures interlinked with inflatable tunnel connection to cover the latest internal exhibition c/o BrandFuel. The six 8m structures which formed the structure village, based around the proven 8m EventStation® was manufactured with...

8m EventHaus® Hire & Operation

Published on 02/06/2014

Baconinflate support major sport brand with internal communication and touring inflatable 8m EventHaus Dome c/o The Blue Ballroom.

Inflatable Bowel Raises Awareness Of Cancer Screening

Published on 23/05/2014

A giant inflatable bowel arrived at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire in April to raise awareness of bowel cancer screening and invite people aged over 60 years of age to make the most of a national screening initiative.

Innovative Inflatable Technology To Protect Motorcyclists

Published on 08/05/2014

Many motorcyclists adore the adrenaline rush of riding their bikes, but safety always comes first. It is fairly normal to see riders wearing leathers and a helmet to protect themselves, but now, innovation may make riding a motorbike even safer.

Volvo Invents World’s First Inflatable Car Seat

Published on 07/05/2014

Volvo has recently announced a brand new inflatable car seat for kids which can be carried in a bag and it reminded us of a similar product on the market, Baconinflate’s DoNut seats. The Volvo seat can be unpacked and...

Inflatable Drive-In Cinema Arrives In Liverpool

Published on 05/05/2014

An inflatable cinema screen which arrived in Liverpool at the beginning of April looks set to become a popular outdoor venue. The drive-in cinema is located on the Central Dock site on Clarence Dock, Place North West reports, and can...

Honda Engine Air Structure

Published on 28/04/2014

Latest Baconinflate creation pushes boundaries of inflatable structures to create Honda Engine structure in support of UK dealer events and activity c/o KCS.