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Reebok MicroHaus®

Published on 30/04/2015

MicroHaus® inflatable pod structure helped an experiential campaign to promote Reebok’s new Z-Pump Fusion trainer c/o Because.

The versatility of an inflatable structure

Published on 28/04/2015

Inflatable structures are probably the most versatile “venues” in the universe. Think about it – parties, music events, product launches and presentations – all can be hosted in the futuristic, fresh and innovative Baconinflate structures. These are only a few...

Don’t overlook the safety at the events

Published on 21/04/2015

To ensure a successful outcome of an event, there are many safety considerations that have to take place before an event can be held. All event requirements should be considered and discussed as early as possible, such as where the...

Mutamarq Accreditation 2015

Published on 17/04/2015

Baconinflate operations are proud to be accredited by MUTA once again in 2015. MUTA, the Fabric Structures Trade Association, works to improve the industry standard for those working within it and for the general public.

BMW Sweet Chariot Studio

Published on 08/04/2015

The 5m MINI Q-Bit temporary structure provided BMW with an inflatable cube studio activated at the QBE Internationals and recent RBS Six Nations at the home of England Rugby Twickenham Stadium c/o TRO.