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Mutamarq Accreditation 2015

Published on 17/04/2015

Baconinflate operations are proud to be accredited by MUTA once again in 2015. MUTA, the Fabric Structures Trade Association, works to improve the industry standard for those working within it and for the general public.

As a member, we have signed up to a Code of Practice, which assures that Baconinflate will be legal, decent, honest and truthful. We are obliged to ensure our workmanship is at a professional standard, that we check all our own work, and we maintain a product and public liability insurance of £10m.

You can be confident that the structure will be managed safely before, during and after your event, as part of the complete Baconinflate service.

MUTA have created the industry-leading Best Practice Guide, which we work very closely to, and are inspected against.
Not only do we work to this ‘best practice’ on a daily basis, Baconinflate helped to form the guidance relating to Inflatable Temporary Structures (section 7).
You can download the Best Practice Guide here.

There are many elements to consider when choosing a hirer, such as experience and track record, the level of health and safety, the range of structures offered, and onsite support just to name a few. You can download the Guide to Choosing a Hirer from MUTA here.

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