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Must-Know Rules For Awesome Event Email Marketing (Part 2)

Published on 24/06/2016

So, welcome to the second installment in our three part series about event email marketing, bringing you expert tips on how to create a flawless campaign to attract and engage your target audience.

Just incase you missed it, our first blog was all about email workflows and the delivery sequence of your communications, enabling you to manage all of your interactions with attendees effectively at every stage of your event lifecycle. Targeted and timely emails are paramount for building hype and keeping your audience engage.

But what should these email communications look like? It’s time to now focus on the design of your email – something we have briefly spoken about here – and how to foster interaction with your event through captivating visuals and email layouts that inspire recipients to click through.

Designing a successful email for your event boils down to two essential components – the design and the message.

Let’s break this down and look at them in more detail.


The look and design of your event email is everything; a welcoming and pleasing aesthetic will draw your potential attendees in. It should reflect your event marketing messaging but the concept of any artwork should also appeal to your target audience.

However, this design should be carried out through all of your communication channels and brand collateral to offer a consistent user experience; your website, social media, content and of course, your event emails. Just think, if a prospect has previously interacted with your brand on social media who then went on to receive an email related to your event campaign, the design will instantly create a connection. Cross channel promotion between email marketing and social media has seen instances where Facebook followers have increased by 325% after receiving an email newsletter. Giving prospects the option to share your event information across their social networks maximises the reach and potential for a full crowd.

Having a recognisable brand image with consistent design means invitees are 15 times more likely to register for your event

When we look into why people attend events, it’s normally for an emotional reward. Events provoke feelings. Whether it’s seeing Coldplay at Glastonbury or watching the F.A Cup Final at Wembley, people want to be a part of something and feel a sense of shared interest so it’s vital that your digital presence is compelling enough to evoke the same kind of emotion from your digital communication.

How do you do that?

Think in 2D
Flat design is taking over the web, including email marketing. There’s no drop shadows fresh out of early 2000s, or any 3D elements traditionally used to create a ‘pop out of the page’ effect. Sleek, san serif fonts and the use of transparency are all obvious signs of a flat style web page.

Make it for mobile
53% of emails are opened via smartphones, according to a Litmus report in 2015, so desktops should no longer be your main priority. To optimise your event email marketing for mobile it’s crucial to customise your design to make it practical and easy to read on a small screen. Single columns, no stacked links and minimal scattered images – 40% of Gmail users still have their images switched off as default. You want your event email marketing to be accessible wherever your target audience are, capturing them in the coffee shop, on their lunch break or at home where they may be more susceptible to look into and sign up for an event.

Call to action
The previous point regarding imagery and keeping it simple will affect how you position and present your Call-to-Action – the most important part of the email. It must be bold, distinct and engaging but using an image for your RSVP can be risky in the sense it may not work if images aren’t pulled through. Buttons are a good alternative, as 30% of users are more likely to click on a button than a text link, but it also depends on your positioning – too many buttons and your bounce rate will suffer.

Less is more
White space has never been more popular. Emerging as a favourable trend back in 2013, it’s still here in all it’s empty glory. Using more white space makes for easier reading and adjusts itself in aesthetically pleasing fashion across all devices. Your event’s style should be portrayed in a hero header banner where you can feature your brand logo, stunning visuals and a campaign hashtag. By structuring the body of the email in a clean and subdued manner shows that you as a brand as hassle-free, collected and easy to interact with.


Once you’ve got your design to a high standard, it’s time to get your message across with engaging content to encourage prospects to flock to your event.

Ensuring your message is clear and concise is vital. The new age is one of scanning, not reading, reinforced by the fact that recipients only spend on average 15-20 seconds looking at an email. Using this data will help you formulate a strong message that get’s to the point but still invokes excitement.

Let’s take a look at the strategies behind an awesome event email marketing message.

The B2B world is transitioning away from marketing to ‘a business’ towards a more humanised approach of marketing to people. We all want to be treated as a human, not a cog within a wider machine, so it’s fundamental that your event emails are personalised to the recipient. With events especially, where it’s a fun and collaborative atmosphere, you should look to gather marketing data about your target audience so you can address them individually with their unique tastes and interests. If your prospect entered the funnel by downloading a specific piece of content, relate that back to them in your email campaign to strengthen the business relationship and prove that you value customers.

Word it right
You’re hosting an event – this is something to shout about! Don’t let your event messaging fall flat with dull and boring copy. Be clever in your writing and give your prospects an email they’ve seen before. We can all get carried away following templates and guidelines, but if you know your target audience (which you should) then hopefully you’ve gauged a clear understanding of what tone resonates and brings you success. Essentially, your event email marketing messages are invitations, so play on the exclusivity to make your recipient feel desired. But don’t waffle. Give them something to make their mouth water by describing the focus and benefits of the event, but look to keep it snappy so they can decide quickly whether to RSVP. We’d suggest 130 words.

As a rule of thumb, don’t forget:
• Date and time
• Location
• Parking
• Ticket information
• Dress code
• Transport information
• Price if necessary

To RSVP or not to RSVP?
We’ve looked at the design elements of a strong call-to-action for event email marketing, and throughout this post we’ve referred to them mainly as ‘RSVP’, but your options are far and wide. It’s always important to A/B split test emails using different subject lines but you can adopt this tactic for testing call-to-actions to determine the most relatable wording. Depending upon the nature of your event you can explore different phrases that dictate the actual action. Remember, keep it personalised and experience using your prospect’s perspective.

For example:
• Book my seat now
• I want a ticket
• Reserve my place
• Confirm your registration
• Attend [name of event]

Get Social
Regarding cross channel promotion between social and your email marketing, you can further boost engagement by including any Twitter hashtag campaign you may have that requires prospect interaction. Encourage recipients to get involved in social media conversations and follow the event’s account to stay up to date with your activities and receive exclusive inside information. A less direct way is to ensure that images used within the email can be pinned straight to Pinterest, or feature a personalised image that the recipient can download and post to Instagram. This is all about ensuring the conversation doesn’t start and end with email – you want it be the catalyst for further interaction.

We know your event will be awesome, especially with this strategically crafted event email marketing series, but to really ignite interest and proposition your brand as truly unique, take a look at our Temporary Inflatable Structures that are guaranteed to get any crowd talking. Sound good? Contact your nearest Global Partner or drop us a line

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