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Made in Britain: The Advantages of Manufacturing in the UK

Published on 06/04/2017

Manufacturing abroad has its advantages, but what is turning many UK businesses to return to production here in Britain? Better quality, shortened lead times and decreased margins on overseas production are big factors. In addition to this, many British companies pride themselves on knowing their product inside out, from start to finish – something simply not possible when it’s made in another country.

The demand from consumers for UK-manufactured goods has seen a revival over the last few years too, with more consumers wanting to support local businesses and use environmentally-friendly products. Not only does this boost economy and innovation, but provides the customer with a peace of mind. Read on to learn about a few ways in which Baconinflate works to solve these issues.

Baconinflate recently joined the Made in Britain campaign, connecting like-minded UK businesses who are working towards a common goal – to provide quality assured products to their customers. Since 1978, Baconinflate has been providing a professional service encompassing all areas of design, procurement and safe use of inflatable temporary structures. Based in Northampton, our fully-equipped manufacturing facility is run by a dedicated and experienced team who consistently review the quality of our structures.

We’re dedicated to reducing our environmental impact too! For 10 years Baconinflate has been actively supporting the TexyLoop scheme, recycling its waste fabric as part of its standard fabrication process. Sending waste materials to landfill or incineration is not a long-term solution, so TexyLoop recycles 100% of PVC and polyester components – meaning less resources are extracted from the environment.

Customer Care
We know that every event is different and we’re flexible in our approach to fulfilling our client’s vision, from initial concepts through to event activation. Just have a look at some of the projects on our Case Studies page for just a few examples of temporary event structure solutions. Aftercare is important to us too. We offer repairs, alterations and re-branding services on all Baconinflate products, keeping your inflatable structure in top condition.

Whether you’re looking for a hire or purchase option, we’ll be able to suggest some solutions. Arrange to come and visit us, we’re happy to demo the structures at our factory – promise we’ll make you a proper cup of tea too!

Read more about our services on our website, visit our product page or get in touch to discuss your temporary structure requirements.