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Looking Back At 2016 Event Trends

Published on 30/01/2017

2016 was a rollercoaster of a year. The political spectrum flipped, Britain voted to leave, Trump became President-elect and a whole lot in between happened. Events became the backbone to many campaigns. A way to connect with people and build relationships. Whether you’re polarised on politics or not, there’s one thing we can all agree on, the way events were held in 2016 will certainly have a major influence on the way events are planned and held in 2017. With this being said, we’ve compiled a list taking a look back at some of the event trends in 2016.
‘Experience’ over ‘Event’

Many businesses and marketers opted to label their events as experiences. It is no secret that technology is changing the way we interact with one and other. Therefore, our values are altered and marketers and planners need to adapt to accommodate consumer/user behaviours. The days of sell, sell, sell for businesses are long gone. Instead, businesses are seeing the value in prioritising the overall event experience for the attendees and beyond in mind. With people now doing multiple things at once, whether it’s speaking to the person next to them, tweeting about where they are or taking a selfie with friends. Event planners and marketers are centralising these elements in order to create an immersive and engaging experience that goes beyond the physical parameters of an event.


Sharing experiences were the focal message for many brands throughout 2016. As technology continuously evolves at a pace that not even Usain Bolt can keep up with, connecting the world in real time is becoming increasingly easier. Streaming was nothing new in 2016, many brands and businesses would stream live via platforms such as YouTube and UStream to show off their latest tech at CES or simply discuss the latest Android have to offer. Facebook’s introduction into the realm of live streaming made it easier for people to share their experiences with the rest of the world. Event planners and marketers took advantage of live streaming on social networks such as Facebook and Periscope, giving those that attend the opportunity to share their experiences in real time and perhaps get some virality in the process. It has sparked conversation, allowed for social commentary, and audience outreach which draws the outside world into your event and brand. With Instagram and Twitter entering the fold, be sure to see a lot more events streamed across social with perhaps some creative temporary structures making an appearance in 2017.

Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat has over eight-billion video views a day. So there’s no denying Snapchat has become a huge player in the social media game and has essentially changed the way we communicate. Therefore, 2016 saw marketers and event planners conjuring up creative and interactive ways to utilise the photo-based social platform to engage with their attendees. It’s not all dog filters and flower crowns, the platform introduced geofilters that communicates to your following the where and when of your day in a creative way. Many marketers created a geofilter for their events, prompting attendees to use the filter so everyone knew exactly what they were doing, where and when they were doing it and how much fun they are having. Geofilters have become a huge asset for Snapchat, something businesses took full advantage of in 2016.

Unique Branding

Unique branding was a big player in 2016, businesses were trying to find fun and exciting ways to visually stand out that wowed their guests whilst simultaneously growing brand identity. We live in a world dominated by the visual and virality that can happen at an instant, which encourages businesses to go further and beyond to find that thing that makes people want to take their phones out  and share it everywhere. Like Google utilizing our inflatable structures to  create a lifesize Android that provided the architecture and framework of an exhibition space. Such creative branding entices guests and offers a unique experience that stays with those that are part of it and leave an imprint in the social space.

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