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Exhibition Structures: How Can You Use Inflatables?

Published on 08/03/2019


There is much to consider when planning how to use your space only stand at exhibitions and trade shows this year. We’ve put together a few exhibtion stand ideas to help you leap out from the crowd and increase footfall at your events. Exhibition stands require a certain amount of forward planning. Whether you’ve booked your place a year in advance, or just a couple of months; it’s never too early to think about your stand design.

Get ahead of competitors by securing the most popular stands. If you’re purchasing something completely bespoke, just be aware of the lead-times associated with manufacture. For Baconinflate inflatable structures, this is around 4-6 weeks but allow more time for design ideas and concepts.

An eye-catching stand design with high visual impact is a proven method for attracting attendees. Have a look at our new HaloHaus for an impressive stand design with 360° access for visitors. Attendees feel more relaxed in an open plan space, so providing a chilled and free-flowing area will attract more people to your exhibition stand!


Time is key when setting up for events. To allow you as much time as possible to dress the stand, inflatable domes and cubes can be installed within a matter of minutes and removed again just as quickly.

Cost-effective options and structure designs. Indoor inflatables can be utilised at all of your upcoming events. Keep transport costs to a minimum; inflatable structures can be packed easily into a car or small van.

Unique designs and the ability to create bespoke structures. Customise any of our range with branding and print, or come up with a completely unique design. All Baconinflate structures are manufactured in the UK and we provide repairs, alterations and re-branding for all of our products.

Elevate your stand presence with the latest indoor event and exhibition inflatable dome: the HaloHaus.
The HaloHaus creates a three dimensional surface for immersive projection and stunning lighting effects, with the added bonus of rigging directly to the QT Framework for all audio-visual and lighting equipment.
Maintain a high level of traffic flow through your stand space, which is accessible and visible to all from 360°.

Get in touch for a quote and to find out how you can use inflatable exhibition structures at your events. Our UK design & manufacture team can help with visuals to give you an idea of how the structures will look with your own branding.