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IBM Skills Cube

Published on 19/03/2013

The inflatable 8m Cube structure with 3m C:POD was commissioned by IBM c/o George P Johnson and designed by Baconinflate with rapid deployment and touring in mind. 

The IBM Skills Cube integrates internal QT Framework and Base Plate System to ensure multiple surface operation as well as Trac Flooring and simple, but effective LED DMX Lighting which emits through the Air Glass cell window features.

The structure also features digital print internal wall graphics and branding boards affixed with special m10 threaded inserts added during the manufacturing process as well as DoNut seating and solid glass door.

Baconinflate Operations team will help activate the tour over the 20 locations. The structure provides a unique environment for technology giant IBM who are looking to introduce the skills required to enable students to get involved with the real-world opportunities for change.

The inflatable mobile exhibition will include various activities allowing students to network, find out about IBM graduate opportunities and internships and to enjoy refreshments, competitions and prizes.

For further information about the Tour and to register for the IBM mobile exhibit please visit The Smarter Planet Comes to You tour.