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How To Get More People Attending Your Events In 2017

Published on 07/02/2017

With streaming fastly rising in the events industry, why would we need to be there in person when we can experience it from the comfort of our own home? As technology continues to be integral in our everyday lives, businesses must alter the way they approach planning and holding events. In this regard, the following article will explore some interesting and intriguing ideas for enticing people out of their homes and offices and to your event.


Traditional forms of storytelling have long been in embedded in our everyday lives. From books and radio to film and television, what we invest our time in mostly are the stories, the initial ‘plot’, if you like, that sparks our curiosity and interest. Social platforms are currently eating up the digital environment, there are even more ways for individuals and brands to create and share their own. With this being said, event marketers should be deploying strategic branding and storytelling to their event campaigns, enticing people to the ‘door’. Crafting a creative and intriguing narrative around your event can help promotional material that’s shared via social channels. And with a social environment that constantly breeds something new every few seconds, there is a need for your creative sparks to fly in order to standout from the crowd.


When two brands/businesses come together, it always feels like a big deal. A great partnership can take your event to the next level: New ideas come to the table, more resources are available and relationships can be established. From the outside looking in, a joint venture sparks intrigue and can bring about a unique experience that can only occur when two sides come together in unison. Our partnership with brands like Nike, Google and BMW, just to name a few, saw a collaboration of ideas which manifested in a unique event experience that captures the imagination of your guests and your brand’s ideologies. You can check out what we mean here.

Personalised Invites

Personalised invites are a great way to ‘humanise’ your business. It’s nothing new, but it’s staggering how many businesses still produce those mass marketing email campaigns that we all know have been sent to hundreds, if not thousands of other people. Personalised email marketing campaigns are great for established businesses who know and have a backlog of their existing consumer base. They can use the data to gain a better understanding of each consumer and target specific content promoting their event. We all love personalised messages. Whether it’s our name on a cup of coffee or an email addressed to us directly, we feel a sense of importance and valued to an organisation. With this being said, putting this way of thinking in practice and merging with strategic and creative branding can really get people excited for your event.


We now live in a world where YouTube stars are celebrities and Instagram fame is an actual thing. It’s difficult to fathom if you are time travelling from just 15 years ago, but the impact of social media has changed the landscape completely. In this regard, people on such social networks have millions of followers and dedicated fans that tune into their latest video or photo. Whether it is a fashion blogger, tech-enthusiast or an entrepreneurial figure, these types of everyday individuals have generated interest in themselves and what they do at a scale that was once inconceivable. With such dedicated fan bases and audiences, marketers are using these individuals to promote/advertise what they are selling. Influence marketing somewhat guarantees your target audience (and others) see’s what you want them too. As of 2016, 81% of marketers that have used influencer marketing judged it to be effective. For effective influencer marketing, picking the right influencers and establishing a relationship that works for both parties is vital.

To get people to your event in 2017 and offer guests a truly unique experience, check out our bespoke event structures that can be customised to any shape, size and colour to suit your event. Contact your nearest Global Partner or UK HQ for more information and assistance.