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Event Marketing: The NYE Disappointment & How to Avoid it

Published on 14/12/2016

New Year’s Eve parties are often largely disappointing for the guests. Enormous queues, triple fare for taxis and an extortionate entry fee. However, there are ways for event marketers and organisers to break this convention and put on an event that will entice people away from their sofas and the fireworks on television.

Free Taxis
With taxi services and apps such as Uber, event organisers can collaborate to offer guests complimentary taxis to or from the event. Many taxi companies tend to bump up their rates, taking advantage of New Year. Therefore, guests will highly appreciate reduced or even free rides to the event. The partnership could consist of free sponsorship for the event, co-branded marketing and a prerequisite that all guests who submit their contact details, get sent a free ride pass to their email. This tactic will mean that you get more attendees because of this USP, and the taxi service gets new data to send their marketing communications to.

Encourage Large Groups
New Year’s Eve is about celebrating the new year with your loved ones, so decisions are usually made as to where family and friends will be. Consider offering bundles for large parties such as a free glass of champagne when you order X amount of tickets in one transaction, or fast track entry to beat the queues. This will mean that large groups of family or friends can plan their night without having to leave anybody out.

Everybody has a different idea of fun, and it’s no different for New Year’s eve. Whilst some prefer to go to their local venues, others prefer to venture further afield for a night of opulence. An idea to combat this is to create a ‘pick and mix’ style event, using unique pop-up event stands and unusual event structures to categorise your venue. One area could be dedicated to those who prefer dance music in a contemporary setting. Another popup area could be themed around a local pub, with karaoke and beer on tap. You could even recreate a stereotypical living room for those that like their NYE home comforts. For groups of friends with different personalities, your unique event would be a perfect compromise.

The Perfect Venue
Sometimes, it’s all about the environment. Bespoke event domes or stages can ensure your guests have a truly unique experience unlike any other. A lot of New Year’s eve events are largely the same with no innovative features. Think about how you’ll serve food and drink for example that will stimulate guests. Rather than having to queue at one bar, you could have pop-up bars dotted around the venue. The live band or DJ could be hosted on a separate temporary event stand to allow for people to move into quieter areas for conversation. These are all questions to consider when choosing your event venue.

New Year’s eve events need to offer something unique to guests that will make their night less stressful. Remember the purpose of the event – to facilitate, create and foster happiness and good times.

To see how to build excitement for New Year’s eve, check out our bespoke event structures that can be customised to any shape, size and colour to suit your event. Contact your nearest Global Partner or UK HQ for more information and assistance.