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Don’t overlook the safety at the events

Published on 21/04/2015

To ensure a successful outcome of an event, there are many safety considerations that have to take place before an event can be held. All event requirements should be considered and discussed as early as possible, such as where the inflatable will be placed, disability access and a risk assessment and method statement. 

Different inspections and thorough examinations have to take place depending on the size, design and layout of the inflatable structure before attendees enter it.

The team activating the inflatable must have the experience and qualifications necessary to ensure they are all safe. Protective equipment must also be worn if necessary, anything from high-vis jackets to the correct sunscreen. In addition, lots of care and consideration should be taken when planning to have an inflatable structure at your venue, particularly when it comes to fire/emergency exits.

Being aware of the weather is also a big aspect of the planning process. If an anemometer (wind meter) is set up on the site, it is important to check that the alarm is functioning properly at the selected wind speed. Backup plans or alternative venue dates should be arranged if the eventuality of severe weather occurs. The most accurate and up to date weather reports can be found here on this website.

Here’s a simple yet informative guide, that can be accessed here.

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