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Coke – Event Village

Published on 20/01/2012

During most New Zealand summers Coca-Cola will be seen promoting or sponsoring a major event of some sort, and this summer has been no different.

This summer’s Coca Cola campaign was managed and operated by Madant promotions, a long time supplier to the global brand. Their concept was to have a “Coke Village” that could be easily transported around a number of holiday hot spots and erected and pulled down over a short period of time.

Baconinflate\\Canvasland was invited to present a number of concepts that would meet Cokes objectives and provide the visual impact always associated with the brand. We needed to consider the marketing opportunity on offer to Coke given the massive audience that would see the village when it “popped up” overnight.

The Coke Dome Village was the final concept that came to fruition over many months of planning and design.

The village is a combination multiple EventStation® dome structures (one 6 metres, two 11 meters and one 15 meter diameter). Each EventStation is connected with tunnels fabricated from an aluminium frame and PVC skin.

The EventStations® are free standing air inflated leg structures which are covered with a printed PVC skin. One benefit of the separate outer skin is the fact it can be removed and replaced with another outer printed with other brands and graphics for future events.

The 15mtr EventStation® was the feature piece of the village. Over and above the actual size of the structure, its eye-catching digital graphics made it stand out at every location it was erected.

Inside, the dome housed a variety of audio-visual elements from giant LED screens, free standing touch screens and lighting which provided entertainment to the masses. A stage with a live band was also on hand to add to the atmosphere in the main dome.

A lightweight aluminium truss was custom designed to fit within the 15mtr structure. Again, transportation and logistics were a consideration, so the truss was manufactured in manageable components which were easy to move and erect without the need for any heavy lifting equipment. Once set up inside the inflatable structure the truss added to the visual impact of the dome and was used to carry audio and visual equipment.

Given the size of the 15mtr dome, a steel ballast system was also needed to ensure that it was securely fixed in place wherever it was set up. 1.5mtr diameter ballast weighing 600kg each was attached to all 10 of the inflatable legs of the dome, providing a wind rating of up to 54kph.

Since its first appearance at Auckland’s Coca-Cola Christmas in the Park concert, the village has toured around a number of holiday locations and has received an amazing response from all who have viewed and experienced the promotion.

For more information on the on the EventVillage and EventStation® designs please contact your nearest global partner.