Teletubbies Bespoke Structure

Client Brief:

Nearly 20 years after the original series was produced, a brand new series of Teletubbies returned to the BBC in 2015 with a bright new look for the 21st Century. With that, came a completely refreshed Home Dome. Baconinflate were delighted to be commissioned by production company Darrall Macqueen and DHX Media to help with the initial design process which resulted in the manufacture.

What we delivered:

The Home Dome’s creative design is well suited to an inflatable structure and helped enhance the uniqueness of this new structure on camera. Based on a mix of cellular and horizontal tie construction, the impressive white ellipsoid structure sat on a footprint of 21x16m and stood over 5m high.
The Home Dome also proved efficient to transport and set up in the studio and deemed a delight to work with during filming. The inflatable structure created a fantastic visual appearance further enhanced by the creative integrated internal set. The result was a clean and contemporary feel, whilst providing a blank canvas for lighting and an array of special effects.
With over 120 episodes, the structure stood up well to long periods of constant inflation and
studio exposure and has since been re-used and economically stored.

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Case study date: 17/10/2016
Author: Baconinflate
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