Specialized Box Hill Hospitality

Client Brief:

Specialized commissioned a new digital print logo tensile canopy for their inflatable 11x13.5m EventStation® Plus and also added their new 8m EventStation HP to form an inflatable structure EventVillage®.

It provided a perfect environment to display their latest 2013 range of road and mountain bikes as well as their impressive range of cycling apparel (c/o Liquid Design).

What we delivered:

300 guests from all around the world descended to The Tree at Box hill for the Men’s Road Race where Specialized were rewarded with a gold medal winning performance.

A viewing stage was erected to ensure guests were presented with the best possible view whilst large plasma screens were available to view the action in the closing stages of the Mall (c/o Formula13).

The Guests were treated that evening to a 4 course meal designed and prepared by Alan Murchison Scottish Michelin-starred Chief (http://www.lortolan.com) presenting the finest of British cuisine to include a very special ‘S’ gold medal dessert.

The day was deemed a huge success and Baconinflate UK were delighted to be a part of this special ‘once in a life time’ occasion.

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Case study date: 12/06/2015
Author: Baconinflate
Page address: https://baconinflate.co.uk/case-studies/project-specialized-box-hill-hospitality/

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