MINI 15m EventStation

Client Brief:

MINI commission 15m EventStation® Inflatable Dome for their exhibition stand at International Mini Meeting (IMM) 2014 Kent Show Ground c/o TRO Group.

The 15m EventStation® inflatable dome featured a bespoke black Mini Logo canopy and double sided print detachable curtain sides. Internally the inflatable temporary structure included a 5 leg ring QT Trussing configuration with graphic infill, ballast system and LED DMX Lighting.

What we delivered:

On display were various classic Mini’s along with the new BMW MINI. Guests were also able to test drive the latest BMW MINI on the road with local dealer support.

10 by 15 Structures supplied TRO the stretch tents and illustrated the fusion of both stretch and inflatable dome designs nicely benefiting from each supplier hire stock and experienced operational services.

The IMM now in its 36th year started as a small 3 day camping event during Whitsun weekend. After several years its popularity grew, attracting visitors from outside Germany. This resulted in an international event, which now takes place in a different country each year, but traditional over the same weekend. Every 5 years IMM takes place in England and the event marked the Mini’s 55th birthday.

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Case study date: 12/06/2015
Author: Baconinflate
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