LG “Play Hub” Q-BIT

Client Brief:
LG launch the first 3D smartphone experience inside the 2tier Q-BIT named 'Play Hub' c/o Hotcow experiential marketing.
What we delivered:
The 2tier Black Q-BIT structure ‘Play Hub’ was installed by Baconinflate\\UK and Kinet-X Structure in Cavendish Square, Central London with internal fit by ProStage Europe and went Live on the 25th July. LG invited consumers to interact with the main features of the 3D phone through four different zones. During the whole week, people were able to experience the photo, video and gaming capabilities of the 3D handset and learn with the Gurus how to get the best out of the phone. Upstairs in the Q-BIT’s black out environment a 3d Cinema environment was created and LG showcased their 3d television technology which brought 3d Cinema technology straight into your living room. View More Structures

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