Hemyca 9m AirDesic

Client Brief:
London womenswear label HEMYCA launch an interactive pop-up shop at Broadgate Circle, engaging visitors by hosting a launch party as well as a series of talks about the fashion industry from leading creative directors and stylists from the world of fashion.
What we delivered:
The 9m AirDesic inflatable geodesic dome provided a unique venue to host the innovative installation. The inflatable temporary structure, featuring a clear canopy, was in situ for a three week period and enabled fashion brand HEMYCA to communicate and engage visitors and guests in four emissive areas; • 'Concept Store', show casing the label’s autumn/winter 15 collection • ‘Inspiration Area’ providing guests an insight into what inspires the Hemyca brand • 'Construction' zone features members of the brand’s design team, who demonstrate the work involved in producing Hemyca’s made-to-order garments • 'From the pattern table to reality' looks at how the garments come to life through projection techniques The inflatable structure was designed and manufactured in the UK by Baconinflate and features a new high pressure system providing not only high end performance but also a unique visual appearance with no noise. The design also features a unique pretension canopy with clear aspect allowed visitors a glimpse inside and added to the intrigue. View More Structures

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