Ford: B-MAX Challenge

Client Brief:
The bespoke design/build developed in conjunction with Imagination was engineered as a hybrid of inflatable modular walling/roof and internal quad and duo trussing. The overall design provided a clean aesthetic and minimal build time at impressive 180sqm over 6m high.
What we delivered:
Installed with help from Baconinflate’s Operations Team it offered visitors the opportunity to experience Ford’s cutting edge design and technology as well as engage with the UEFA Champions League Final within the Munich Olympic Park fan zone. As well as displaying the new B-MAX car Imagination collaborated with Hawk-Eye Innovations to incorporate their ball tracking system, the most sophisticated officiating tool used in any sport. The game, named the Ford B-MAX Challenge, allowed members of the public to view real-time analysis of their penalty kick performance in a way normally reserved only for the world’s top athletes. Participants were then able to view and share their assets onsite via Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and email.
The Ford B-MAX Challenge proved to be a very popular attraction, drawing large crowds throughout the four day Festival. Should you wish to discuss Baconinflate bespoke services and or existing products please don’t hesitate to contact your nearest global partner or UK HQ. View More Structures

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