The O2 Fanspace

Client Brief:
The team at Baconinflate was given the challenge to help create an oasis-like area within The O2 that would offer visitors a truly peaceful experience, amongst the stimulating hustle as bustle of the theatre district.
What we delivered:
Working in conjunction with New York based ‘Jordan Parness Digital Architecture’ & creative agency Sledge a beautifully futuristic structure design was developed within the London Piazza of The O2. The architecture of the structure remained perfectly in keeping with O2 branding; a three-pronged inflatable bubble centred around a stylishly carved wooden base. The interior transforms your mood into a state of complete relaxation through its soft lighting, chilled ambient music and chic yet comfortable seating. To add to the experience, each visitor on arrival is handed a pair of earphones to plug into one of the twenty sockets scattered around Chill. The visitor, whilst relaxing on the soft landscape seating and observing the lighting fade from one colour to another, is taken through an eclectic musical journey of every band who has played to date at The O2. View More Structures

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