Mizuno Reading Marathon

Client Brief:
As part of the event village at the 2014 Mizuno Reading Half Marathon, Baconinflate debuted its nine metre AirDesic high pressure inflatable structure. The AirDesic is the latest design from Baconinflate, which offers higher pressure and greater operational performance compared to the standard inflatable designs out there.
What we delivered:
In addition to the basic geodesic design structure, extra items include Supa-Trac flooring (reducing trip hazards), DoNut tables and seating (for up to six people), a discreet metal ballast system and a choice of mounted and freestanding audio-visual equipment. In fact, you can customise the structure from a wide range of products to meet your requirements. Bad weather won’t stand in your way with the AirDesic’s fully waterproof canopy, constructed via HF welding and incorporated printed fabric, with clear and white detailing. A series of tensioned internal panels were also produced which connect directly to the structure and avoiding the need for additional walling. Or you can also choose to include windows, air vents and air conditioning - for the optimists among you. The structure operates on a single silent fan and can be branded however you want. Perhaps central to the success of the structure is its ease of use. Quick to install and simple to operate, it made a great addition to the Half Marathon’s event village. View More Structures

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