360 Projection Dome Holovis

Client Brief:
Experiential design company, Holovis, specialise in the creation of immersive and mixed reality solutions for entertainment and enterprise. They needed a spherical, blackout projection environment, into which production teams could enter to test media. The structure needed to be temporary, easily transportable and fast to install/ remove.
What we delivered:
Back in 2015, Baconinflate manufactured a dome for Holovis which could be raised on a trussing framework. Positioned at an angle, the dome (complete with projection lining), could be easily transported to global events for experiential gaming activities. Attendees would sit underneath the dome and interact with the media being projected onto the inside of the dome. The task was undertaken to upgrade the existing dome, making it as spherical as possible. The addition of the extra parts would mean it was still easily transportable across the globe, and has the flexibility to function as a half-dome or full-dome in the future. Included in the additions was a negative pressure projection lining, allowing the overall internal finish to be as smooth as possible. A bespoke trussing ring was created to support the structure and fans, along with a solid glass door for access control. View More Structures

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