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BEA Expo Festival – Italy

Published on 28/11/2011

The structure was installed within the impressive piazza of Spazio Eventiquattro designed by acclaimed architect Renzo Piano.

The recently built ‘Limited Edition’ Chrome Q-BIT provided the perfect wow factor to help launch Italian partners 3e60 Events to attendees.

The recently developed chrome fabric was introduced by Baconinflate\\UK and designed with all the attributes and specification of a standard architectural high-quality PVC Lacquer but with a high gloss, reflective finish.

The result although in some way bright and bold, often absorbed surrounding such as trees, buildings and backdrops providing onlookers a different view dependant on light level and angle of approach.

The Q-BIT structure played host to Best Sims F1 simulator, Photo Box, Mind Ball and MobulBox all of which ensured the attendee’s were kept entertained whilst 3e60 Events communicated the holistic approach and services available to the Italian market. For further information on Baconinflate\\Italy and Q-BIT please visit