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BBC Stargazing Live

Published on 10/01/2014

The 6m & 8m EventStation HP inflatable domes provided glowing interactive areas as part of the BBC Stargazing Live Events from 7th-9th Jan’14 broadcasted live on BBC2.

The structures were operated at the three live event locations over the three day period – Portsmouth, Norwich & Egham.

The High Pressure version (HP) of the EventStation® family provided maximum wind load performance during the inclement UK weather. The inflatable structure design also featured HF welded canopies and proofed zipped curtain sides ensuring a water proof environment inside.

An internal QT Framework helped rig the LED DMX Lighting used to create then enhancing glowing effect and Base Plate System ensured anchorage on multiple type surfaces.

For further information on the hire or purchase of the EventStation® family and other Baconinflate inflatable structure designs please contact your nearest partner or UK HQ.