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ANZ – 2011 Rugby World Cup

Published on 13/01/2012

The inflatable temporary structure commissioned by ANZ Bank and managed by event company Orange Production was installed for 6 weeks during the 2011 Rugby World Cup in the purposely developed fan zone – Party Central, Auckland, NZ.

The inflatable dome incorporated, a huge full print skin seamlessly manufactured with ANZ ‘welcome to the world’ wrapped artwork, integrated water ballast tubes to secure to raised platform floor and solid fabricated glass doors with integrated  DJ booth area.

Visitors to the 16m EventHaus® inflatable dome were able to kick a virtual rugby ball and see where it goes. They were also able to dodge a charging virtual player, and have their photograph meshed with a New Zealand landscape scene of their choice and emailed to friends or put up on Facebook or Flickr.

The interactive games use technology developed for Microsoft’s new generation Kinect games. The technology uses senses motion, which connected to what happens on the screen without the player using a keyboard, mouse or controller, or wearing any special equipment.

As well as the games, the ANZ Dome provided 30 iPads, whereby visitors could interact with them for a range of purposes whilst inside.

Two large LCD screens mounted centrally on a trussing framework enabled visitors to view the rugby games and coverage live during the day and evening.

The supply establishes the newly working partnership between UK and NZ companies and hope to help increase awareness of the exciting products and services now available in New Zealand and Australia.