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Published on 29/03/2013

Baconinflate’s ongoing investment into new and innovative inflatable structures sees the emerging AIRDESIC as a hot favourite for experiential marketing campaigns and hospitality this season. 

The New AIRDESIC uses a matrix of triangulated tubes and nodes to form a single piece ‘high pressure’ inflatable framework replacing the more traditional metal geodesic forms. The fully welded cover is waterproof and connects to the framework via a series of m8 bolts and threaded inserts are affixed to the structure prior to inflation.

During inflation, the cover is ‘pre-tensioned’ by the framework and connection points providing a crease-free finish and aesthetic lines.

Branded panels, windows, air vents and air conditioning/heating can all be incorporated into the design and simple yet effective use of colour patterning provides a cost effective ‘on brand’ solution.

For further information please contact your nearest location or UK HQ.




9m airdesic clear