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7 Last Minute Promotion Ideas For Your Christmas Event

Published on 28/11/2016

In October we posted an article full of advice on how to plan your Christmas event without hitting any major obstacles. But if you missed it, fear not, as we’ve rounded up some last minute promotion ideas to get people talking about and attending your event.

Personal Invites
You might think to send out another invite to all of those who haven’t sent back their RSVP, but don’t. We suggest a more targeted approach, cherry-picking 20 of the most wanted people and sending them a personalised invite. Depending on your budget, this can be executed on email or direct mail. Regardless of the channel, the important thing is that it’s personal.

Promotional Offer
To get bums on seats, it can sometimes take a little financial incentive. This could come in the form of 2 for 1 tickets, 10% discount on future tickets if they purchase now, 5% discount for existing customers, free parking/champagne/cake at the venue using a special coupon they print from the email.

Email Signature
Simple but effective. Update your email signature to briefly relay the details of the events and encourage prospects to register. Use colour, icons and bold text to really make an impact with your email communications.

This is a great way to spark interest in your event, whether you have a special account for your event or are just using your brand channel. A creative way to utilise Twitter or Facebook to encourage last minute sign ups to your Christmas event, is to release teaser images of the venue. This is especially good for those who have a unique event structure or stand that will entice people to attend.

The key people in your business, or the event marketer, should utilise LinkedIn to promote the event via InMail and LinkedIn Groups that contain your target audience. Whilst some Groups are strict on the nature of the content you can post, most will accept an event invitation as it benefits the members. InMail can be sent to your existing connections if they’re relevant, just use the same personalised approach as the bespoke invitations.

This will allow you to provide more context about your event and why your audience should attend. Focus on the details, including what they can expect to get out of it, how it will add value to their lives and why the topic or theme is important. Make sure to add a strong call-to-action at the end of the blog post that will encourage people to convert. Consider the colours, messaging and position of your call-to-action as these are all factors in determining whether someone clicks or they don’t.

Add Something New
If you’re still struggling for numbers, it’s time to address your actual physical event and what’s missing. If it’s not too late you can add new features or extra elements that your target audience wouldn’t want to miss. The way in which you promote this would centre on the fact it’s exclusive, last minute and spectacular. Think along the lines of unique pop-up exhibitions stands, or temporary custom made structures and domes that are guaranteed to generate a buzz. VIP Lounges, interactive demo areas, meet-the-guest suite; the ideas are endless.

Create a Trigger Event
If the purpose of your Christmas event is to sell software, your trigger event could be a free online workshop for those who have purchased a ticket. This adds more value to the worth of the ticket and makes the customer feel as though they’ve got more for their money. Release news of the trigger event a couple of days before the main event to incentivise new sign ups and create anticipation.

To further encourage last minute registrations for your Christmas event, check out our bespoke event structures and stands that can be customised to any shape, size and colour to suit your theme and generate a buzz, before and after your event launch. Contact your nearest Global Partner or UK HQ for more information and assistance.