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5 Tips For Growth Hacking Your Event

Published on 13/10/2015

Now, even if you are not familiar with growth hacking, it doesn’t mean that you haven’t been already utilising some of its central philosophies; it also doesn’t mean it isn’t applicable to the marketing of your event.Defined by a focus on low-cost, innovative alternatives to traditional marketing efforts, growth hacking is a particularly popular, effective and cost-efficient way to create the buzz you need for hosting those sold-out events. As a result, we have outlined a series of simple, succinct, takeaway tips to help you get that one step closer to growth hacking successfully.

Create Relevant, Engaging Content – To create a buzz, you’ll need to put in some groundwork to pique the interest of those that aren’t already incentivised or aware of your brand. A great way to hook in these new prospective attendees to your event is to create relevant content such as:

• Infographics

•Top Ten Lists

• Footage From Previous Events 

• Speaker Profiles

• Blog Posts (Especially Guest Posts)

Email Signatures – Simple, effortless and so obvious that it is actually so easy to not forget to use them: email signature are an unobtrusive way to spread the message of your event without overtly or purposely advertising during your organisation’s day-to-day operations.

Simple, but effective.

Upselling – Growth hacking is all about synergy; it’s about creating concrete growth with few resources. As a result, we suggest you consider the following to help give yourself a little more leverage:

• Invite your friends or affiliated partners at a discount – this will boost the turnout for the event and can incentivise others to also attend

• Ensure you have capabilities to both create and monetise webcasts, streaming, webinars and merchandise (both before and during the event)

• Incentivise (and promote to) previous attendees through special discounts, gifts or privileges

• Consider using limited edition products or competitions as a basis for gaining traction on social media and reaching new audiences

Additional Hacks – The potential approaches to growth marketing are as varied as the industries in which it is used, this means that our short blog won’t be able to offer you all answers. However, fear not, below we have briefly outlined some additional growth hacks you can use to bring your event marketing up a notch:

• The scarcity rule – its simple economics: reduce the supply, increase the demand. Time-limited, early-bird offers and flash sales are timelessly effective for gaining momentum.

• Sponsors – Leveraging your affiliations and sponsors not only allows you to further develop the reciprocal relationships with said organisations, it also offers another layer of credibility to your brand and by extension, your event.

• Social Proof – Don’t just tell people your event is going to be awesome, show them. People are heavily influenced by being show the quality of things, and the most reliable marker of this is word of mouth and the behaviour of others. As a result, ensure you take time to secure testimonials after the event for use in subsequent marketing efforts.

At Baconinflate, we are committed to taking events to the next stage, this is evident through our commitment to not only providing you with handy nuggets of knowledge like this blog, but through creating show-stopping inflatable structures that take events to the next level.

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