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3 Top Attendee Retention Tactics

Published on 23/11/2015

So, you’ve done everything as per the best marketing practices; you’ve created on-brand, engaging marketing collateral and pushed it out via social media, and you’ve created a robust logistical process to support your event, which was also very successful.

But there’s an opportunity you might have missed. Studies conducted by Frederick Reichheld of Bain & Company found that an increased retention rate by 5% can lead to increased profits in the region of 25% to 90%, the opportunity to maximise attendee retention is one you need to leverage. This blog will provide some tips to help you.

At The Peak of the Event, Announce Next Events

At any event, the majority of attendees will, by definition, be interested and engaged in the content and subject matter of the event. As a result, you have a huge opportunity to leverage this and secure attendees for the upcoming events by announcing it during the event – even if that’s only an annual event.

At Baconinflate, we’ve seen many events fail to capitalise on this opportunity, neglecting to announce the upcoming plans to an already engaged, enthusiastic audience.

Whilst it is common for such announcements to be made at the end of the event (if at all), it is advisable to strategically plan announcements when attendance and engagement are likely to be at its highest – for instance, just before the main keynote or grand reveal.

This will best position you to effectively call-to-action the attendees when they are at their most receptive, bringing us swiftly to our next point.

Sell and Convert On The Spot

Having tapped into energy and enthusiasm of the event’s peak by announcing upcoming plans, it is time to start converting today’s attendees to the attendees of next year!

Especially if you are hosting a paid-ticket event. Buzzing from the success of the event, your audiences will be likely to repeat the purchase, provided their expectation have been met. To further incentivise pre-orders for next year, consider discounting the rate of the tickets by 5-10% as part of an early bird offer.

Monitor Analytics in Real Time

In addition to social media, the advent of wireless technologies such as RFID, NFC and iBeacons mean you can now benefit from virtually limitless oversight during your event, keeping an eye out on pretty much everything.

With respect to increasing retention, you can use these technologies strategically. For instance, analysing social media engagement with hashtags as the basis for improving next event.

The power of analytics is that it is a form of quantified feedback – processing this information and using it to shape future events means that, provided you communicate these improvements to your audiences effectively, you can enjoy an increased attendee retention rate.

Bare in mind, however, that to effectively retain staff, you’ll need to wow them during your current events first, and Baconinflate can help.

As a leading provider of bespoke inflatable structures, we know a thing or two about creating breathtaking event experiences, for further information on our products and services, simply get in touch with your nearest Global Partner or UK HQ.