Honda Air Engine Structure

Client Brief:
From photographs of the new Honda diesel car engine the bespoke inflatable structure was first formed into a basic 3d model suitable for use as a temporary structure. The images were then used to wrap onto the 3d model to help establish the positioning of internal ties used to create the structural walling and roof. These ties helped not only create a structural inflatable wall but also pick up on the contours and details of the engine providing a unique visual 3d effect. As a result the structures 3d walling enhanced the digital print and created some amazing relief work.
What we delivered:
Each 36sqm structure was conceived over a period of 12 weeks used over 200m of digitally print fabric with over 200hrs and 500 internal ties. The design also integrated and internal trussing framework to support LED digital screen, steel base plate system to enable operation on multiple surfaces and Rola –Trac’s supa-trac flooring with ramp edging. The bespoke inflatable structures are to be activated at over 30 events a year proving a cost effective temporary structure solution in comparison to traditional marquees. View More Structures

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