BMW I8 – Q-Bit Hub

Client Brief:
BMW commission the ‘new’ inflatable Q-BIT HUB to create unique presentation space for launch of new performance BMW i8. The inflatable Q-BIT HUB provided 36sqm of covered area with ramp access onto the floating cube structure. The Q-BIT Hub also featured Air Glass detailing and LED internal lighting. The raised floor system ensured a level floor, finished with beech effect vinyl covering. The Q-BIT Hub housed a number of plasma screens and cool furniture in keeping with the overall design aesthetics.
What we delivered:
The creative temporary structure was activated alongside a smaller scaled version called the mini 5m Q-BIT. The mini Q-BIT was used as a hospitality area on route around the breath taking Highland scenery as part of the scenic test drive. The ‘new’ Q-BIT Hub is an available to hire in a range of colours to include Black, White and a unique Chrome effect. Options for bespoke colour. View More Structures

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